Animated Battlers

Animated Battlers

This script enables the use of animated battlers for actors and enemies. Unlike most of such scripts already available to the community, this one doesn’t use the classic sheet format but the RMVX Ace Battle Animations instead. So, before jumping to the instructions and all, let’s answer a few questions:

Q. Is this script better than Victor or Fomar’s Animated Battlers?

A. No. I can say with absolute certitude that Victor’s version has many options you won’t find here. Fomar’s is very straightforward to use, mine less so. It is simply different.

Q. Is it easier to use than Victor’s?

A. Depends on your definition of “easy”. If you want to plug it in your game and be done with it, then no. It will require some work, mainly re-assemble the battlers into animation sheets and creating the animations themselves. Simply, instead of having to work with loads of notetags or script settings, you will use mainly an image editor and VX Ace’s battle animation tab.
Note that a few notetags are still required, but not many.



I won’t cover how to make an animation sheet because RPG Maker’s help file explains it. You also need to align correctly the battlers, which means a minimum experience with an image editor is necessary. I won’t help you with this.

Creating the animation
There are a few things to remember when you create an animation:

  • You cannot make fullscreen animations. If you chose the screen scope, it will automatically be changed to a ground-based one.
  • By default, animations loop. If you want a non-looping once, put No Loop or No_Loop (case-insensitive) somewhere in the name.
  • Animations don’t stop the battle flow. In order for the battle to wait for one to complete, put Wait in the animation’s name, somewhere. This isn’t a good idea to wait for a looping animation by the way.

Tagging your actors and enemies
Various tags are available to indicate which animations actors and enemies will use. In the actors’ case, it is also possible to tag the class instead. This is so the battler animations can change if your actor switches class. Note that actor tags overwrite class tags.

This is the list of available notetags:

Actors, Classes, Enemies tags

Always start the tag settings with this.

standing: n
Set the idle animation to n (n being the animation ID in the database).

danger: n
Set the danger animation (HP > 50%) to n.

hit: n
Set the hit animation to n.

dead: n
Set the dead animation to n. Enemies always collapse once dead, so they don’t need it. For bosses enemies, see the Boss Collapsing section.

victory: n
Set the victory pose animation to n. Actors only.

item_default: n
Set the default animation played for item use. Overwritten by individual item settings.

skill_default: n
Set the default animation played for skill use. Overwritten by individual skill settings.

move_f: n
Set the animation played when the active battler moves towards their target.

move_b: n
Set the animation played when the active battler goes back to their initial location.

guard: n
Set the animation played when the active battler guards.

If this tag is present, the animations will all be flipped horizontally.

Must end the settings.

There are two additional tags used for item and skill settings.
skill: skill_id, anim_id, skill_id, anim_id...
If two battlers have the same skill, you don’t have to duplicate the skill. Instead you use this tag on actors and/or enemies to associate an animation ID to a skill ID.

item: item_id, anim_id, item_id, anim_id...
Same as above, but with items.

Note: Multiple lines are not supported but you can write the same tag again like this:
<skill: 36, 158, 76, 134, 99, 200>
<skill: 1, 159, 34, 121, 76, 206>

Tagging your skills and items
Two tags are available for skills and items alike:
<anim_id: n>
This is the default animation ID for the skill/item. It will be overwritten by actor and enemy tags.

This tag indicates that the battler will approach their target before using the item or the skill.

Additional settings
Two additional settings can be found within the script itself.
ACTOR_POSITIONS = [[400, 300], [460, 320], [520, 340], [580, 360]]
Indicates the coordinates of every actor on the screen. Default settings optimized for four-sized party and 640×480 resolution. There’s no miracle setting: experiment and keep what you prefer.

The number of frames the victory pose keeps being played.

Boss Collapsing
The special boss collapse feature doesn’t work the same way as before. It now enables the dead tag for the enemies as well. You can make any kind of death animation you like.

Animation Linking
You can play animations successively by putting a ToXXX marker in the first animation’s name, where XXX is the ID of the second animation. Currently only works for skills.

Also, read this for version 1.04.

Video example

Here’s a little video showing the system in action.

Things to note:

  • Adela’s pose doesn’t loop when casting magic while Mira’s does. In the same way, Adela releases the spell after her animation is over, and not Mira. This is because Adela’s animation’s name contains the words No Loop and Wait.
  • Mira has a special Boss Collapse effect.


Works with the DBS and Yanfly’s Ace Battle Engine. Overall compatibility with battle-related scripts is still low, possibly even with my own.

  1. Marcos Luna

    I tested it in a clean project,just in case… But the result is the same.
    Made a demo in case you want to test it….
    Thanks for the fast response and please dont mind the batlle animations,i made these for testing purpuoses.

    • It’s a bug with the dual wielding fix. Basically, I made a fix to loop once the attack animation for dual wielding characters. But I forgot to check if the character actually IS dual wilding before starting the loop while the loop only ends if the character dual wields.

      Infinite loop =__=

      My test project had a dual wielding character, that’s probably why I hadn’t noticed it. Anyways, it’s fixed now.

      • Marcos Luna

        It is working great now Kread Ex,thanks you very much!
        By far is the most compatible animated battlers ive seen… It is works even with Cwinter ATB.

    • Marcos Luna

      Soy yo de nuevo,disculpame por molestar tanto… Encontre algo que me parecio un poco extraño,por ejemplo si le das la habilidad de usar 2 armas a un personaje,este usa 2 veces la animacion de ataque a pesar de no tener nada equipado o en el caso de usar una sola arma.

      It’s me again, excuse me for bothering so much … I found something I thought was a little strange, for example if you give him the ability to use two weapons to a character, it uses 2 times the attack animation despite having nothing equipped or in the case of using a single weapon.

    • mr. luna.. if ill doing a game in rpg maker. is it possible to do it with someone else?? i mean is it possible to do this in not only a single computer? then we’ll just load the map we created and put it together.. is it possible?? thanks.. hope u can help me.. i am a newbie in this app.

      • Yes, you can. It can be loaded over multiple computers using the cloud, although I HAVE found that at times it can be “weird”(Aka, I don’t fully understand it’s issues), but I’m sure you can find resolution to those in one of the RPGMX forums. I do HIGHLY recommend backing up your game to a separate folder though, I once lost a week’s worth of data because I accidentally hit “save to computer” instead of “save to the cloud” when that was the computer I had been working on. Unfortunately, I do not know how this could be achieved with separate accounts(I did some test runs) or at the same time(because when you save it to the cloud, you can’t just save “certain parts”, it’s everything, and if the other guy has been working on his part, that means he ether has to load your version(and lose his), save his(and erase yours), or do them as separate projects. And oh my you posted awhile ago, so this hardly-useful-to-begin-with comment is about obsolete… Oops xD might as well send it now… I truly hope you already figured out the answer to this question xD

  2. I get this error even when used in an empty project:

    Also, is this compatible with Victor’s Custom collapse if I don’t set a death animation?
    I ask because I’m using a universal death for normal enemies, and would like the extra animation space. Thank you very much for creating this script!

    • Marcos Luna

      1)That error pops because actors or enemies are not configured,you need to create animations for every battler,this battle system is not plug and play… Read the manual.
      2) No,Victor Custom Collapse is not compatible with this,at least for now…
      Excuse me for my bad Englsh and greetings from Argentina.

  3. I have a little question:
    If i give only No_Loop Animations to an actor/enemy, it would appear that this actor/enemy is highly transparent, barely visible.
    Is this behavior intended or is it some sort of bug?

  4. Yepp.
    I already figured out what was the problem:
    the animations i added for testing, were only 1 fame long, that made them transparent.
    But now i have another “problem”, i’m using yamis predicted charge turn battle together with it but sadly that makes my battles rather laggy. Does maybe soeone know a way around that?

    • 1 frame long animations isn’t recommended and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the actual cause of the lag. This system is designed for long, complex animations in mind and I can’t guarantee it’s adapted for more “simplistic” uses.

      • Ah, no no, that simple animations are already changed (well its still a placeholder but made into a longer sequence).
        Also i tryed a bit with rearanging and dis- and reanabling the scripts, so i got a strong gues that it’s really the combination from your script together with yamis.
        Sadly i’m not a scripter, so i don’t really know how to make it “compatible” 😦
        Maybe if you have some spare time sometime, you could look into that issue a bit(?) But if that would be too hard or complex or whatever, then it’s ok as it already is.

        • It would be very time-consuming yes. And even Yami himself doesn’t support his old scripts anymore. We are working together to fix compatibility between this script and Symphony though. Is there a particular reason for you to prefer his old battle system?

          • To be honest i didn’t try the new one yet.
            I just liked the way it works (together with the order gauge), it’s like an atb (what would be the only alternative for me) and the only one that actually workes together with the other scripts i use or “made” (well, _tryed_ to make would be the better term xD )

            • I see. I don’t mind taking a look if you provide me with a test demo with the issue, but I can’t promise anything.

  5. As i put it into a complete fresh project it works without any problems oO
    Well i’ll test a bit more and tell you later if i found something. I think it would be just too much if you would have to dig through this whole script-mess of mine..

  6. Well.. then maybe do you have just an e-mail address i could send it to?
    (strangely i could download there bevore, even without an account)

  7. I’ve send the File just now.
    Hope it’s not too hard to fix.

  8. I like the idea of making my own animation sheets using an image editor since it was what I was already going to do for other hobbyist game programming (before I found VX Ace). I’m just wondering, does creating a lot of animation sheets tend to inflate the final game program’s size?

    • Considering VXA uses 2 bitmaps for animations, it shouldn’t inflate the size like XP and 2003 did. If you have many animations needed, I suppose it will anyways, but it should be negligible compared to parallax mapping for instance.

  9. Marcos Luna

    Maravilloso Kread Ex,muchas gracias por todo. Disculpa que te moleste nuevamente,me gustaria saber si es posible agregarle una nueva funcion al sistema de batalla… Para ser mas preciso,que el personaje que tenga aplicado el estado substituir o “Cover” se ponga en frente de sus compañeros,a la hora de recibir el ataque,lo he visto en el sistema de batalla de Galv y se que podria utilizar ese sistema de batalla,pero me he encariñado mucho con el tuyo… Si no puedes hacerlo,lo voy a entender.
    Buena suerte con tu vida personal.

    Wonderful Kread Ex, thank you very much for everything. Sorry to bother you again, I wonder if you can add a new function to the battle system … To be more precise, the character that has been substituted or applied the “Cover” is put in front of their peers, at the time of receiving the attack, I’ve seen in Galv battle system and that could use that battle system, but I’ve grown fond of yours … If you can not, I’ll understand.
    A screenshot of cover ability:

    Excuse me for my bad English.

  10. Can I use your battle system with the default !?
    I mean if i don’t set tags the system have to know nothing change and use the default battle system.
    Please give me some ideas.. tks 😀

  11. Hi there, Kread.
    I just used your script and it works perfectly!
    But I have a question: isn’t possible to enemies to don’t use the animation system?
    I mean, of course you can set a simple animation sheet with the battler for each enemy, but that would be pretty annoying.

  12. Loving this script, it’s exactly what I needed for animations without the complexity of things like Victor’s.
    I have a question though: Is it possible to use notetags similar to to throw targets in the air or draw them in before, during or after an animation?
    Say for example I had a character cast a spell where they’re charging a skill, sucking an enemy toward them, and when the enemy gets close enough, they strike. Or using an earthquake-like skill that knocks the enemy into the air so they take damage when they hit the ground.

  13. Loving this script !, exactly what I needed , cause i cant really configure script animated battlers

    i want to ask, why everytime i kill enemies , my attack animation repeat (so the “attack” animation happen again after enemies death , then backward animation) , am i doing wrong? what exatcly happen after enemies death?

  14. hi, i have problem: 851: @no_loop = !($data_animations[new_pose].name =~ /no[_|\s]loop/i).nil?

    name insert in battlers for pose?


    • Error ( Script” line 851: TypeError occurred. no implicit conversion from nil to integer )

  15. Is it possible to change idle and attack animations for diferent weapons equiped?

  16. please help me about error( Script”line 354 undefined method ‘>’ for nil:NilClass

  17. Cheeky Moon

    I have a little problem, all things are show up in battle, but only as ghosts. Did I do something wrong?
    I really want to use this script, because it’s the easiest to use scripts from an animated battle.
    The background was only for testing purpose.

    • I had that problem too, Cheeky! Go to your animation and right click your character, click properties, set blending to normal. Have to do this for every frame.

      • Cheeky Moon

        Thank you, found it out myself too, by changing some options and stuff. 🙂
        In the end I found it by exactly doing what you say. 😀
        But really thankful for the quick answer. *hug* (\s/)

  18. Cheeky Moon

    I got a little request, because I think the animations running a bit too fast, is it possible to add a frame limiter or an option, that every frame shows up 4-10 times till the next come up?
    I know it’s a bit much to ask, but it could be really usefull. I can say it’s the best and easiest to use Animated Battler script on the Internet, great work. ❤ (\s/)

    • I think the only thing you can do in that case is just to do that manually when making your animations, like copy pasting each frame four times or whatever makes it feel like the right speed. That’s what I’m doing in my project and it seems fine.

  19. Cheeky Moon

    I got a little question / request, is it possible to change the positions of actors and monsters somehow?
    And is it possible to change the animations of a character somehow? (\s/)

  20. Nonemployee

    hopefully you still come on here…

    I’m having a problem similar to someone above, where if there’s multiple enemies on the screen and a character takes a hit, they get stuck in the “hit” animation until everyone’s turn is over. I have one character with a static animation (which ill fix later) and one with 10 frames for a hit animation. They have every animation set (including hurt/danger) but I’m still having this problem. Even adding No_Loop or Wait or even both to their animation names does not fix it. Any ideas?

  21. OK i copy and paste the script i set up animations and there is no sprites of my characters i will upload my game because i did what it told me to do!44JGnKpT!ksH9du_KM8700nODiX5AVFAptDva-m6wGw4faLZxPyA

  22. ThomasTheKorn

    You forgot to put a hashtag on line 1, but people can do that for you. Just saying.

  23. Saül Ciryure

    The links of your scripts are dead (°^°)

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