Advanced Trait Manager

An add-on for Alchemic Synthesis. It restores the complex trait creation like it appeared in the first version of the script and allows to put mix both features and effects on ingredients.

Note: Demo made with the JP version of Ace. If it doesn’t work with the English version, copy a Game.rvproj2 file from your version and replace the one in the demo.

The trait creation: Traits are created in the config module and follow a particular syntax.

"Trait name" => [a, b, [[c, d, e, (f)], [c, d, e, (f)]...], "Trait description"]
“Trait name”: The name of the trait, really.
a: The category. 0 for a feature (equipment trait), 1 for an effect (usable item trait).
b: The cost. Set is here and not in the notebox.

Next comes the trait definition. It’s actually an array of arrays, allowing you to bundle several traits into one. This is called Dual Traits. There are two rules for Dual Traits:
1. They must be both the same kind (feature or effect).
2. You must give them a description.

c: The trait code. Refer to the Trait Namer comments to know which code corresponds to which trait.
d: The trait data_id. Basically, it’s the number of the option you set in the database when you create a trait.
e: The value (feature) or value1 (effect). The number you would enter in a value field in the database.
f: The value2 (effect). Same as value1 but with the second value field.

The trait setup: Unlike the standard version, the traits setup normally won’t appear in the synthesis scene. You’ll use notetags instead.
trait name1
trait name2

And that’s all.

  1. errr the demo crashed after selecting all the items to synth an item

  2. lol ok so the demo should work now?

  3. demo crash
    after synthing carnage driver/bloody axe without trait at all
    talk to syth shop npc (the one for buying synth item)

  4. This script is incompatible with Yanfly’s Free Turn Battle? Becaus it was working fine but after i added this script, it crashes the game when starting a battle. Aside that, the script is great =)

    • Actualy, ignore this. The script that is incompatible with Yanfly FTB is the Actor Inventory. When you equip a item and start a battle the game crashes =/

  5. Found a typo on line 111

    Should read:
    “HP Recovery XL” => [1, 25, [[11, 0, 100, 0]]],

    “HP Recovery XL” => [1, 22, [[11, 0, 100, 0]]],

  6. GuilhermeZ3AL

    How do i disable the traits feature?

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