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Animated Battlers (7 months late)

(You probably can tell, but this is the first time I make a video.)

This script will allow you to use standard battle animations for your battlers. It’s a pain to test and debug so despite my efforts, I imagine you’ll find some interesting things to report and make me fix. I’m more interested in bugs than in compatibility issues for now but I wouldn’t be surprised if some errors arise even with my own scripts.

I hope you will find some uses in it! Don’t forget to visit Holder’s blog for some battlers!

Now for some UMP goodness…

Fillon Copé


SAO loves tentacles a bit too much

Silica and TENTACLES

Episode 4


Episode 21

What the fuck, guys.

Ohai gaiz

Due to health problems and, afterwards, lack of Internet, this is my first visit in six months. Yay.

Haven’t scripted at all during this time but Nessiah is taking care of the rehabilitation. I’ve still made this, though, if it interests you. Also, commissions are open if you want something specifically for your game.

PS: As for the Animated Battlers script I was supposed to do, well, I’ll finish it one day, eventually… Eventually >_>

PS2: Why do I like this video so much, I’ll never know…