Game Over Common Event

A very small utility to override the default Game Over scene with a common event taking place on the map.

By default, the 1st event in the database is used. You can change this temporarily or permanently with this script call:
$game_system.game_over_event_id = x
Note that, in the case you are using the event command Game Over, the common event will not be triggered – it is assumed that if you are using the command directly, it is indeed to end the game normally.

19.12.2011 – The map BGM will replay by default now. If you don’t want this, use this script call:
$game_system.game_over_map_bgm = false


  1. I tried this script with a text command and it runs it in an infinite loop…
    and when I try to do a map transfer, the game freezes. I’m not sure why :/

    • Never noticed before, but unlike in VX, the game checks all the time if your characters are dead, not only during crucial moments. Anyways, I’ve fixed it so when the common event is triggered, all your characters are back with 1 HP hence eliminating the loop. You can download it again.

  2. Thanks! ^.^
    It’s almost perfect now… the BGM doesn’t revert to a map’s BGM unless you manually (via transfer or Play BGM command) change it… so the battle BGM carries over to the map. Doesn’t bother me but seems a bit unpolished :O

    Otherwise, thx for writing/fixing this 🙂

    • It was actually on purpose to allow simply a fade-out of the battle music. Added the option to replay it or not depending of the user preference. It will replay by default now but you can switch it off.

  3. Hey, sorry to be retarded but I’m just having a bit of trouble getting this to work. Does the common event need to be on that map somewhere as an event? Whatever I try I get:

    Script ‘Game Over Common Event 1.02’ line 56: NameError occurred.
    uninitialized constant SceneManager::BattleManager

    Also can I make it so it can be turned on/off or only appear in a certain map? Thanks.

  4. The bug has been fixed (just a stupid typo =_=)
    To turn off the script you need to use a script call:
    $game_system.game_over_event_id = -1

    And set it again to the right event when you like.

    • Nice one! I vastly underestimated the usefulness of this script. Thanks, you just added about another 2 weeks to my project dev time 😛

  5. Sorry for being slow but im new to RPG Maker, but mind telling me what i have to type to call this script. I tried the code you have typed in ” $game_system.game_over_event_id = 38 ” but i get an error.

  6. Hi. Thank you so much for sharing this script. It’s awesome, and exactly what I needed. I am having one problem that I noticed recently, however. After dying once, you can’t die again. My hp will go down to zero, but I keep on walking. Do you have any clue how to fix this problem?

  7. So when I playtest the game with this script put into it it gives me a message:
    Script ‘Scene_Gameover’ line 48: NameError occurred.

    uninitialized constant SceneManager::Scene_Gameover


  8. can someone give me the script…that link is not working for me

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