Synthesis Shop

I really wanted to use this script as an excuse to put a sexy pic of Pamela as post header, but I haven’t found any for her Atelier Totori incarnation. Damn, this is probably another Freemasonry conspiracy.

Synthesis Shop Screen

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In any case, this is an add-on to the Alchemic Synthesis script which enables the use of a special shop selling the items you have created. The main advantage of this is that you can just spend gold on them rather than using up the ingredients again (unless you want to switch ingredients to change the item’s traits).
Of course, this can be cheap for the most powerful items, so you can also indicate how much copies will be available in store. Once all copies are bought, you have to synthesize again to replenish the stock.



Aside from the obvious (having installed the Alchemic Synthesis script above this one), all you have to do is adding a new tag in the item’s notebox:
<synth_shop: x>
x represents the number of copies available for the shop.
Calling the shop is done via a Script event command:

You don’t have to specify the selection, since it’s entirely composed of the items you have created.

That’s all for today.


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  1. I would like this if I could ;_;

  2. Can this be done to actors instead of items? Like breeding haha.

  3. Heya, Kread! Lemme know if you end up with any compatibility issues with this script:

    I know your Synth shop uses the Scene_Shop as a base so I wanted to make sure everything is alright.

  4. v1.07 – bugfixes and compatibility with v2.0 of Alchemic Synthesis. For a demo, see the main script.

  5. The Alchemic Synthesis Shop is empty in the easy demo while it should have 6 “Love Elixir” in it. Any reason why?

  6. The link is broken :/

  7. Freemason conspiracy haha, that made me lol

  8. Does anybody have a mirror please?
    link is broken.
    Thank you

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