First, merry Christmas. Second, this isn’t a review of Saya no Uta so don’t run away! Third, if you’re still here, go check Nessiah‘s Isabelle cut-in picture: isn’t she sexy? Look at that midriff! If I could draw, I’d make a H doujin of her and thank Ness with some Ralph x Ernest yaoi action.

But I digress. The subject at hand is this:

Cannibalism 1

The awful, awful truth.

This script allows you to create skills making the actors able to devour an enemy to permanently absorb a fraction of its parameters. Think Final Fantasy 8, but without all the problems that appear if you eat a bad enemy.


First, you need to create a damaging skill and put <cannibal> in its notebox. It is important for the skill to cause damage, as the stat absorption will only occur if the devouring skill deals the death blow to the target. Alternatively, you can forget the damage and make it instant death, as long as it can kill.
Then, there are various tags you can use in the enemy’s notebox:
<cannibal> # always start with this!
hp: number
mp: number
atk: number
def: number
mat: number
mdf: number
agi: number
luk: number
</cannibal> # always end with this!

The numbers represent the percentage of the enemy stats which will be absorbed. For game balancing purposes, this will most likely be in the 1-5 range. You can also set an absolute number instead of a ratio by putting the <static> tag within the sequence.
You don’t need every tag of course, just put the ones you want – the others will automatically be set to 0.

The lazy way
The lazy way allows you to set the same ratio for every stat. Not very useful but hey, it’s here. Instead of the first <cannibal> tag, use <cannibal: number>.

Devour limit
If you can devour the same enemy over and over, there is room for ridiculous grinding. Therefore, you can set a maximum number of times an enemy can be devoured. By default, there isn’t any limit. To add one use the limit: number tag within the cannibal tag sequence. This isn’t an absolute limit but an actor limit. A different actor will also be able to eat your monster the set amount of times.

Cannibalism 3

Absorption is not mandatory - the skill just must be able to kill.

Cannibalism 2

This Chimera gives 15 Defense upon eating, just one time.

Compatibility notes
Goes below Skill Fusion and Glimmer. I recommend you to use Yanfly’s Battle Command List if you want the Devour skill to be a command by itself.

About Kread-EX

I code. And try to make games.

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  1. It’s funny because just yesterday I evented a Devour-like skill~!
    Thank you for the hard work Kread~

    p.s. I want that RalphxErnest action :C

  2. Excellent script there! Now I can see VX Ace having far more potential than my low expectations thanks to yours and others’ scripts! Now I seriously want to get VX Ace!

    However, is it possible to perhaps toggle a switch, change variables, get an item, etc. through using a devouring skill? And furthermore, prevent the devoured enemies from giving EXP, G, or items or anything after battle?

  3. Kread, having fun in Disgaea land~? How many hours have you clocked now?

    • Around 120. Made a Lv300 Makai Wars and Crowbar. I can’t manage to unlock the second half of the X-Dimension and it’s pissing me off.
      That being said, I should post a script later today or tomorrow anyways~

  4. Clownfeesh

    Could you allow setting a switch or adding/subtracting to a variable to the script?
    (I am currently using a common event to do a force action and to set variables.)

  5. Shin_Sello

    I will not offend anyone, but in order to do this by events, you could for example do this:
    We got SlimeA and SlimeB
    Condition: SlimeB Health lower 50%
    Slime A Health -999999(allow death)
    Slime B Transforms into Slime Ultra
    Slime Ultra is just either the slime with new stats OR a new foe…

  6. Perhaps I am missing something, but this script only seems to work once per enemy type, regardless. It also only remembers the highest devoured stat return. (@ hp:10, Using it on a 100 HP enemy grants a +10HP, then using it on a 250 HP enemy, grants a +25 HP total. (Not +35)

    Tested on a clean project.

    Tags used: (for each enemy)
    limit: 3
    hp: 10

    • Yikes, you’re right about the limit. It’s a bug, fixed now. As for the other problem, unless you’re using the <static> tag (outside of the main cannibal tag block), the value is dynamic. In your example, you take 10% of the max HP.

      • Thanks for that fix!. I think I described my actions it incorrectly though…

        I will test it out and give my feedback. 🙂

      • Works perfectly (as far as I can tell). This script is going to be used in my world to define a set of high end (carry) classes. You do amazing work btw. I don’t know what I would be doing if you, and the other prolific scripters for RGSS3 didn’t share all your work. I can not thank you enough.

        Also, I hope you are still interested in commissions. If this pans out for me as something I decide to continue, I may end up chatting with you about a few!

      • Not to necro, but I’m actually having the same issue where the script only works once per enemy, even when I don’t set a limit. Is there a way to set it so that you can cannibalize certain enemies an unlimited number of times?

  7. Turbotowns

    Vore Unlocked! XD

  8. I keep getting the following whenever I try to enter battle:
    “Script Cannibilism line 189: NoMethodError Occurred
    undefined method ‘[]’ for nit:NilClass”

  9. Out of curiosity, is there a way to replenish a bit of an actor’s current HP upon cannibalizing an enemy in addition to absorbing its stats?

  10. Hi, this is a nice script, thanks for the work!
    may I ask… is it possible to use cannibalism only for monsters? say, snake A and snake B are in battle with the player. snake A has 40% HP and snake B … well, is alive. but apparently, this snakes are cannibalistic, so snake A decides to eat snake B, to gain more HP! sadistic bastard!!

    so I tried it on enemies… I made a skill which deals damage and has the cannibal tag and the large snake had the cannibal tag with hp: 50 and I add only the cannibal skill to the attack pattern of the snake .
    oh, and the skill go on one ally, not one enemey, since the snake should eat the other snake, and not the player…

    It does not work, so I ask, is it possible to even use this script this way or nor??

    • Have you considered creating a damaging skill that targets allies and then having your cannibalistic creatures know that skill? If it’s a skill that targets enemies, the snakes you mention will only ever try and consume your party, as the party is the snakes’ enemy.

      • Yes, it is a skill that damages and hits only allies… I give the snakes only that skill, not another attack or skill and … well, the snakes do nothing! that is the reason why I ask.

      • Okay, since my comment is awaiting moderation since december 11th, I write down the comment without links, maybe this helps..

        Oh… wait… I found my mistake!! I forgot to give the Enemy some MP so he can use the skill. >.>

        But now I am facing a new problem, I get an error everytime SnakeA kills SnakeB.
        This is the error: Script ‘Cannibalism’ line 294: NoMethodError occured. undefined method `devoured’ for #

        and this ist the line where the error occurs: Line 294,
        if @subject.devoured[].nil? || @subject.devoured[] < target.devour_limit

        I am not very familiar with Ruby so does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

        • FreezeKirby

          Not sure if you’ll be reading this comment, but hey, you actually -Do not need- this script, for that one case! You’d just have to pull some clever scripting inside the formula box itself. Something along those lines:


          Targeting Scope set to single ally, yes, and that should be -All-, for as much as I can think of. Praise Fomar and Archeia for enlightening me with their shared knowledge.

          PS: Magnificent Script, Kread-Ex. Terrific. It really brings the Kirby out of one’s hidden depths… c :

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