Commissions are closed

Temporarily at least, since I don’t really have time to work on them currently. Sorry if you intended to commission me, but I can direct you to Yami or Fomar0153 who are susceptible to accept and do quality work.

Small update: I’ve updated Actor Inventory to v1.11; fixed compatibility with Yanfly’s Convert Damage and Buff/State Manager.

For some reason, I’m listening to Touhou remixes a bit too much recently >_>


About Kread-EX

I code. And try to make games.

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  1. Any estimate on when you’ll be free to take commissions?

  2. Well, yo know that touhou remixes rules ❤ ~

  3. But it just had to be you *cries*

    I do hope this means greatness in your business

  4. EtherGamer

    I hope you’ll take commissions again soon. I have some ideas, Since As a scripter I’m like a dog as an engineer. Awesome Idea, but extremely unsuccesful.
    Oh, And also;

    You have too many useful scripts for my game, I can’t decide what to use! You Over-talented Thing-Of-Something-Awesome.

  5. Will any of your scripts interfere or is interfered by the high fantasy material?

  6. Get your links up working again, please? Your Alchemic Synthesis link atleast isn’t working.

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